2 Categories Of Drinkers That Discover It The Toughest To Stop Drinking Alcohol

Do you think that all people have got exactly the same reason for drinking alcohol – to have some fun? Well, think again. Like you’ll find many different personality categories in existence, there’s also a variety of drinker varieties. It’s the 3rd piece of this article sequence and up to now we have discussed the not so critical types. Those are the hedonist, the community or conformist drinker, the bored drinker and finally the macho as well.

I say less serious, yet especially so with the last type, the macho drinker, alcohol consumption may already be a source of great stress. However, in these two kinds of drinkers, it’s much more than just a cause of stress. It can ruin and devastate lives. It may turn normal, joyful, friendly people into self-hating, depressed, lonely individuals. Serious drinkers tend to be among those two types of drinkers.

They are the kinds of people that seriously need to consider going clean and stopping alcohol use completely. The other types can possibly manage their intake to the extent where they are not abusing it. But with the subsequent ones, that can be hard.

The first type is known as the Distress Drinker. The factor that pushes them to drink is yet again obvious from the name. These people are having difficult and serious problems either at home with the family, or if they’re young, with their partner. Or they might have a difficult, stressful job where they feel unappreciated and get into conflicts with their superiors. This leads one to feel out of control in their life, disillusioned and frustrated. The future seems grim and the person doesn’t feel as if they are in a position to do anything to fix their situation.

Alcohol is used to forget, to take their mind off of their problems and to help them cheer up. A little cheering up is not something to look down on. Yet that’s not generally what happens. There is a crucial difference between a person who drinks because of boredom or loneliness and the Distressed Drinker. The difference is the simple fact that the Distressed Drinker loses their moderation. They simply drink too much and go overboard with drinking.

The next type could be described in very similar terms. This is the final and most serious one, the Depressed Drinker. This is when the drinker’s life has been turned completely upside down. Or usually worse, completely devastated. The Depressed drinkers are the lonesome, suffering, anxious people who use alcohol as self-medication. Needless to say, at this point, alcohol is a very serious problem that must be dealt with as soon as possible. A depressed drinker is at an elevated risk for self-harm.

It is crucial to live in a way where you can be happy and content with yourself. Abusing alcohol simply stops you from doing that and prevents you from living the life you were intended to have.

You don’t have to go to long, frustrating AA meetings to quit drinking. You can do it at the comfort of your own home using your computer.

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