AMS: What foods to eat

Acute maxillary sinusitis – the term as AMS medical condition. When you’re having sinusitis, you’re really having a bad day. First you can’t concentrate working with a running nose as this can be a potential source of embarrassment to co-workers and clients alike. And sometimes sinusitis comes with a headache.

So aside from taking medicine, there is one way to speedy the cure of sinusitis: avoid certain foods. These include not taking too cold a drink. But these are more of the foods that you should avoid – fried food, especially the deep-fried ones. Instead of taking in sautéed potato chips, how about grilling them for a change? Aside from being yummy, grilled potato chips are quite healthy since the fat that you can get comes only from the oil that is embedded in the chips. That also means using butter sparingly when you cannot avoid frying food.

Avoid starchy foods too as sugar can be a potential cause in prolonging your sinus problem. Instead of using white sugar, use brown sugar or natural honey. Eat lots of fruits but don’t eat them cold as these can still clog your nose.

Try to have warm soup or a cup of tea in your diet each day. Try to drink ginger tea. Ginger tea is also a deterrent to sinusitis. Don’t take orange and lime. They can irritate your throat. Coughing will only complicate your running nose problem. Avoid white flour and rice too. That includes other root crops. But mashed potatoes can be a better alternative. Chips too.

Avoid strong spices which may also irritate your throat. Pork products may contain large amounts of fat that may contribute in the prolonging of your sinusitis. If you can harvest from your backyard garden of cultivated organic vegetables and you’d cook them yourself, that’s a better alternative. As much as possible, prepare your vegetables fresh. Fresh food will avoid sinusitis ultimately.